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Bringing over 25 years of building expertise to every project we do, you can rest assured, no matter the size or detail, Sun Bear will leave you with the “warm and fuzzies” for your project!
We offer customized homes, tiny homes, teeny homes, and micro campers we call Bear Den’s!

Give us a call today! Schedule a Tiny House Tour, and get started making your dream life a reality!

Latest Projects

White House – Starting package $75,000

Our Flagship Tiny Home is our most favorite model yet! 3 sleeping areas complete with an elevator bed are the tops! Then you add in all the luxuries of day to day appliances to live a very comfortable life, while saving the planet and your wallet! Make this home yours! Apply Today!

Bear Den – Starting package $9,500

Our clients wanted something small; micro infact! Introducing our Bear Den! It allows for you to crawl in and escape the elements! Keep all your camping gear where it belongs; ready to go! Hitch up and take off with this adorable weekend escape! Fully insulated, means year round fun! Call today to improve your camping game!

Why Sun Bear?

We want to change the world by giving people back their life! We started this business because we believe in community, family and the value a simpler life brings. We not only want to teach our children the value of working hard and taking pride in your work, but also to instill good values and help our future generations live better and more fulfilling lives! We believe in the tiny home movement and aim to teach and bring awareness to the greatness it brings to all!

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Frequently asked Questions
Where do I put my Tiny Home?
This is the number one question we get asked! There are many answers to this question, for starters we would like to direct you to our favorite resource, SearchTinyHouseVillages.com. This site offers a ton of information about living tiny and where at!

Best thing to keep in mind is what your planned use is for your tiny home. Do you want to travel or be on your own land?


What is a 3rd party certification?
A third party certifier, is a entity whom oversee’s a series of inspections for our builds. At the end of our build we get a certification which tells officials that your home is safe and up to code. These certifications are imperative if you plan on parking in RV parks etc…
Do I need special permits to travel with my Tiny Home?
DOT regulations say that the height cannot exceed 13.6′. The width cannot exceed 8.6′ without a special permit. Here at Sun Bear we aim to educate all our clients so they know the rules and how to live and travel safely.

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